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body-jet® Education Center

We are a pioneering centre of excelence created in Spain aimed to all surgeons in the world to standardize the technique and procedures of the water-jet liposuction, water-jet surgery and autologous fat transfer focused on surgeons and patients.

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  • Water-jet liposuction, water-jet surgery and autologous fat transfer

    Our Goal

    Sharing knowledge and results

    The main function of body-jet® Education Centre is to share the knowledge and results of the use of this technique, born 15 years ago in Germany by the Company Human Med AG. It is a priority that all professionals are updated with the use of body-jet® for plastic surgery, as well as liposuction, fat transfer and tissue hydrodissection, etc.

    The procedures which use this water-jet assisted technology and what are highlighted in the course are:
    • - WAL Water-jet Assisted Liposuction
    • - Autologous fat transfer
    • - Hydrodissection by water without damaging tissues
    • - Regenerative Medicine
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  • body-jet plastic surgery, liposuction, fat transfer and tissue hydrosection

    Live Surgeon

    Plastic Surgeon Dr Kai Kaye Marbella

    Kai O Kaye

    Chief Consultant Plastic Surgery and Director of Ocean Clinic, Marbella.

    Dr Kaye is a fully registered Plastic Surgery Specialist Consultant in Germany, Spain and the UK since 2008 and a full member of various prestigeous international scientific societies.

    Registration & Pricing

    The Price of the body-jet® Education Workshop is 950€, which includes:

    • Dinner in Marbella the night before the workshop
    • Attending to the programmed course
    • Lunch
    • Educational material
    Register Now

    17th of October 2024!

    body-jet Education Center 2024
    Water Assisted Liposuction

    Program Water-jet Assisted Liposuction

    Thursday, 17th of October 2024

    • Will Be Announced Shortly

    • - There are 9 places per workshop, each one per a resident, who must show proof of residency.
    • - Workshops are orientate towards teaching and improving the body-jet® technique.
    • - Workshops are live surgeries at Ocean Clinic Marbella performed by Dr Kai O Kaye.
    • - After the surgeries there will be a meeting where the adquired knowledge will be discussed.
    Supporters human med AG, UpViser and Ocean Clinic. body-jet Education Center 2024

    This workshop is organized by Upviser, Ocean Clinic Marbella and Human Med AG.

    body-jet Education Center Supporter human med AG

    human med AG

    Medical Technology

    It is an innovative technological and medical Company based in Schwerin, Germany. Its field of activity is water-jet surgery. It is the leading manufactuer of products for water-jet assisted procedures and for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

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    body-jet Education Center Supporter UpViser


    Surgical Products

    It is a Finnish Company spezializing in importation and commerzialization of specialist surgical products. Its view is focused on constant developement as a Company which render better service to the specialized surgery field and giving these groups of clients an added value through experience and medical education.

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    body-jet Education Center Supporter Ocean Clinic

    Ocean Clinic

    Plastic and Cosmetic surgery

    Ocean Clinic in Marbella is the only fully independent, private plastic surgery clinic in Marbella, offering plastic and aesthetic surgery services out of one hand. The clinic is ISO 9001 certified and applies a strict quality of care protocol.

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    Venue Ocean Clinic in Marbella body-jet Education Center 2019


    Ocean Clinic in Marbella

    Ocean Clinic prestigious award-winning plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic in Marbella

    The prestigious award-winning plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic located in the heart of Marbella. Enter the Ocean Clinic in front of one of the most emblematic parks of Marbella, the park La Alameda, an international and distinguished atmosphere.

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    Right in the heart of Marbella town.

    Hotel Fuerte

    Hotel Fuerte Marbella
    Beachfront Hotel in the centre of Marbella town.
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