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The goel of this center lies in sharing the knowledge and results provided by the use of this technique, which was born 10 years ago in Germany by the company human med AG. It is prioritized that professionals are always up to date in the use of this technique, procedures and applications of the body-jet® system (liposuction, fat transfer, tissue hydrosection, etc.) and that patients know that there is a shorter recovery, with less bruising, less painful and more natural after the intervention.

Body-jet® System

Thanks to the soft water force of the body-jet® system, the survival of the cells (mother) of the fat is certified higher in comparison with other existing systems on the market. The high viability of fat cells is close to 90% (Published data on cell viability and success of fat grafting).
This ensures that the final results in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are of a much higher quality. On these premises, the body-jet® Education Center focuses its efforts on water-assisted liposuction (WAL - Water Assisted Liposuction), the transfer of autologous fat / own fat for aesthetic body contouring, reconstructive surgery and treatment of defects of soft tissues, scars and chronic wounds; and of regenerative medicine.

Overview of the most important publications on water-jet assisted Liposuction and Lipotransfer

Overview of the most important publications on water-jet assisted Liposuction.

Body-jet® Liposuction equipment
This innovative liposuction technique is carried out with a technology based on water-jets, also known as WAL.

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